Project Success

At KE Consulting, we consider that there are 3 vital elements to a successful project:

  • Relationships
  • Services
  • Software

We make these 3 elements the backbone of the company.

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Cutting-edge Consultancy from Microsoft Dynamics Partners


"Do you expect the best for your business?"

At KE Consulting, your success is our ultimate goal, and to this end we tailor your implementation to match the needs of your company.

We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), and after many years in the business, we have discovered that companies will have a great experience with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as long as they get the right implementation and support.

If you are tired of pain in the normal process of your business system, and you feel that you should expect more in terms of performance, price or support, it’s time to call for a free consultation, because we know there is better.

"How can we go to the next level?"

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is straight out-of-the-box powerful, and also highly customisable.

As a consequence, we can offer:

- Cloud-based systems
- Rapid roll-out 
- Complete scalability for lower entry costs
- Bespoke systems to fit your processes perfectly

With Microsoft Dynamics as the driving force behind NAV, this is not a fly-by-night product, but has Microsoft Dynamics’ considerable product support and development behind it.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to go beyond basic accounting and give your ERP improved financials and operations.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or any of the other solutions we offer, please get in touch.


"Why KE Consulting?"

At KE Consulting, we consider that there are 3 vital elements to a successful project:

• Great relationships with people you can trust
• Services provided by a team of dedicated experts
• Software with a proven record, backed by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For a free consultation, and to see how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help take your business to the next level, email us at


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