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If your server is slowing down, suffers from occasional crashes or is nearing the end of its useful life, don't put your business at risk.

Even short periods of downtime can stop staff from working or prevent you from providing services for your clients.

In the event of a serious server problem, you could lose valuable data or spend large sums on repair and maintenance bills just to keep your old servers working.

Why Switch to the Cloud?

No more servers


By hosting all your data and software in our secure UK data centres, you'll never need to buy a new server again or have to pay the cost of maintaining your server hardware.

Reduced downtime


Switching to our Cloud Solution will eliminate most of the day-to-day IT failures that can prevent your employees from working.

Work from any location

Your employees needn't be tied to a desk, or an office for that matter. They can access their files from any secure location with an internet connection.

And best of all, saving money


On average, businesses that switch to cloud computing save around 40% on their IT infrastructure costs. Cloud computing eliminates the expense of supporting and maintaining your servers.

What’s more, when you switch to us, there are no hidden set-up extras - there's just a competitive monthly fee to pay.

No more backups


You never have to worry about having to backup your data either - saving time and reducing the risk of lost data due to server crashes. All your cloud data is automatically backed up to a second data centre.

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