As an ExpandIT reseller, we can provide a number of powerful administrative tools to help you leverage your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.  All of these tools are free to try, so see what you most desire...


Peace of Mind

Add the ExpandIT Backup Utility to your NAV to provide system-run automated backups and validity checks, so you can be sure that, for the worst-case scenarios, you are protected.



With ExpandIT MailIT, you can send emails directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making your business communications more professional, saving postage and time, and providing high ROI.



ExpandIT Launch Utility provides unparalleled levels of automation for your business system, meaning significant time savings, and making missed-out processes a thing of the past.


Tune Up

Every engine needs a good service, and to get the maximum performance from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software, you can let the ExpandIT suite get you up to full speed, with:

    Database Integrity Testing

    Table Optimisation - Reduces size, Increases speed

    Security Synchronisation - Harmonises NAV with SQL


For more information, to try, buy or just get consulting advice on the above products, email info@keconsulting.co.uk or call us on 01285 851 108.



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