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Dynamic NAV Jet Reports

Why reports are not helping

Your Business Success

Manual processing is time consuming

Human Error

Not everyone is technical

Your most precious assets are spending an excessive amount of time copying and pasting on the way to collect the information they want, and it’s lowering their effectiveness.

We’re all a prone to error, and that’s good enough, but your facts shouldn’t be. inaccurate reports effect your enterprise fulfilment with expensive errors.

Your people need to be empowered to make decisions, but your complicated reporting surroundings is retaining again the data they need.

Quick, Efficient Dynamics NAV reporting and analytics

Financial Reporting

All of your financials inside of Excel

All of your financials interior of Excel, with the click of a button.


Quick and without problems generate well timed, accurate monetary reports inside the format that works for you, inside Excel.

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Business Analytics

Smart data-driven decision-making

Turn information into valuable, visually stunning dashboards and reports designed to help become aware of trends, spot anomalies and fix problems.


Eliminate the need to understand the underlying data structures and gain insight into quick and easy analytics.

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Work smarter, from anywhere

Work smarter, from everywhere and detach yourself from the workplace by means of getting the correct business information you want when you need it.


Gain immediate access to your reports and dashboards online via browser or mobile app, so you can make decisions, no matter where you are.

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Collaborate together

Your facts shouldn’t stay isolated, draw from correct, governed information that everybody within the business can rely upon creating one version of facts.


Complete file management, collaboration and publishing platform, you in no way need to second guess if you are looking at correct information.


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