Nav-to-Net is a proven integrated e-Commerce Solution exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.



Nav-to-Net integrates completely with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.  Being seamlessly integrated with Microsoft standard products and components and written in .NET, Nav-to-Net takes integrated e-Commerce to a new level with loads of efficiency features, simplified user friendly web management and reduced maintenance costs.


Nav-to-Net publishes directly from inside your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, meaning you can:

  •   Have full synchronisation between your website
  •  Save money and time as data need only be entered once
  •     Enable users and your marketing team to effect website changes immediately, with reduced need to go via developers
  •     Save on training costs, as virtually everything is managed within your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment.



 With your Nav-to-Net e-commerce solution, changes made in NAV are immediately reflected online.  This means that news can be broken faster, and new items and information are instantly available to current and potential customers.  You can even provide live price updates as well as receive better analytics and increased agility and responsiveness for your business.

Its integration with NAV also means that initial implementation can be much faster, drawing upon existing sources of information.




Nav-to-Net uses Always Take Orders (ATO) technology - ensuring that customers get vital item and pricing information even if the connection to the back-end system is lost.  Orders are still received and registered by your website, and resubmitted to Microsoft Dynamics NAV when the connection is restored.  ATO minimises bottlenecks and performance disruptions.  Your webshop can stay open 24/7 to serve your customers!



Today’s marketing departments are exploring many facets of online marketing. Nav-to-Net enables your team to leverage powerful tools to promote products and manage customers. With its built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), integration with Google Analytics and e-Bay, support for Custom Log-In Pages, Sales Rep Recommendations and Search Ranking,

Nav-to-Net empowers your marketing department.


Whether you are looking to improve your B2B, B2C or B2E online presence, Nav-to-Net will maximise your ROI from your e-commerce solution, leveraging your investment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving you greater control, performance and reliability.

For more information on how Nav-to-Net could prove the difference for your business, contact KE Consulting at or call us on 01285 851 108.

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