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QuoHotel allows control in all management areas of your hotel establishment in an efficient, flexible and fully integrated way.

QuoHotel innovated solution, brings a competitive advantage against other hotel industry solutions and has become an essential foundation for operational and strategic business processing.


QuoHotel  software and systems provides all the necessary tools to manage your establishments in Holiday, City, Spa & Wellness and Resort Hotels and more.


The advanced hotels and hotel chains management software

Holiday Hotels

Optimise all of your hotel areas

Holiday hotels always need an ERP and PMS management software to enable them to manage prices accordingly to enable a smarter and more efficient hotel.


Furthermore, these establishments need flexible systems to control prices according to accommodation, room type and each customer from direct to agencies and companies.


The ERP and PMS software for holiday hotels will select the best available fares from pre defined rules and business logic.

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Urban & City Hotels

Flexibility & Ease of management

Urban & city hotels always need change depending on type of customers, promotions and different seasons.


A solution to  fully adapted to these current and future requirements is essential.


This ERP and PMS management software has a powerful tool to control the events at all levels, both in the room and billing.

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Spa & Wellness Hotels

Manage & Adapt

Spa & Wellness establishments have treatment packages or individual services offers, with or without included stay.


With QuoHotel complete control tools can be used for the regular customers to providing a personalized medical care agenda and a medical records control.


Moreover, it adapts the services to the doctor’s recommendations and opinions.


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Hotels & Resorts

All Inclusive

Hotel & resort management software provides all the required information about services,  treatments, activities, drinks, orders and accommodation within the same fare or package.


It provides relevant information when you need it, with advanced features in areas such as Booking, Sales area, Front office etc.

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QuoHotel goes into UK and Australia with KE Consulting

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