"Every day, we are saving at least 2 working hours with Zetadocs.  This equates to 1 week in every month..." 


-  Zetadocs Testimonial

Zetadocs is a breakthrough software solution that automates the production and delivery of business documents and allows electronic filing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV of emails and paper documents.


By automating delivery via email, Zetadocs for NAV dramatically reduces the cost of paper, consumables and postage, as well as saving time printing, collating and packaging documents to send.


Zetadocs also allows incoming emails, faxes or scanned documents to be captured and filed electronically alongside sent documents.


This ensures that all information is available from a secure, central location for instant retrieval.


    - Save time and costs by producing, sending, filing, approving and retrieving documents automatically and electronically, rather than manually using paper

    - Improve customer service by helping your finance, sales and customer services teams respond more quickly to enquiries by having everything on screen

    - Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting the amount of paper that your company prints, stores and delivers


For a more in-depth look at Zetadocs' functionality, please download the brochure or watch this short video.

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